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Your business is a lifelong investment for you and your family. Our goal is to ensure the smooth operation of your professional home and consequently to ensure your family income. We work with the most specialized insurance companies, with business-specific programs, with complete protection, according to your needs.

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Fire & Arson

Because assets are usually acquired with effort and time, it is worth securing. Secure your property today by preventing the unexpected!
The dangers that threaten a property are varied and numerous. The main goal of the Fire contract is the compensation of the insured in case his property (home, shop, industry) is damaged by fire.

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Legal protection

Legal Protection covers any court costs and legal fees that will be required to legally protect the insured.
Legal Protection is provided mainly in car insurance policies, but the provision can also be extended to Family Legal Protection insurance policies, Professional Legal Protection of Businesses & Freelancers

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Transport Insurance

This form of coverage offers compensation to the owner of the goods if the goods are damaged or lost during transport.
Transport insurance is divided into a) Cargo Insurance (Land, Sea, Rail, Air), b) Carrier Liability Insurance (C.M.R.), c) Carrier Liability Insurance

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The third party liability insurance policy covers the financial obligations of the insured person towards third parties, in case, due to an act or omission committed without the will of the guilty party, bodily injury (injury or death) of another person is caused or damage to another person’s assets.

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Cash Robbery

There are countless cash robberies that happen every day in businesses. Bakeries, patisseries, kiosks, gas stations, pharmacies, OPAP agencies, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, shops, banks, ticket offices, barbershops, etc.

The “Cash Robbery” provision covers the theft of money, up to a certain amount (1,500, 3,000 euros, etc.) or checks, bills, etc. during the operation of a business or even some time after its closure.

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Content Theft

This insurance covers loss or damage of the insured property from burglary and theft or attempted burglary, which includes entering or leaving the building with violent and dynamic means, with obvious signs of violation, at the entry or exit points of the perpetrators, from the use of tools, explosives, electricity or other means.
It is included in insurance policies that cover the property such as Home, Store, Office and Commercial Risk Insurance.

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Earthquake damage

An earthquake depending on its characteristics, size, focal depth, location, etc. can cause immediate damage to homes and businesses. Damage is caused even by earthquakes or other geological phenomena that follow an earthquake, such as fire from shock, subsidence, landslide, tidal wave etc.

Earthquake insurance compensates for the material damage that will be caused to the building by an earthquake and the consequence of an earthquake.

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Group insurance

Group Insurance comes to supplement and improve the weaknesses of social security. The aim of the Group contract is the complete and immediate coverage of the employees of a company.

Group contracts can have insurance coverage such as Loss of life, Permanent total or partial disability, Temporary incapacity for work, Accident medical expenses, Hospital care, Outpatient care, Retirement

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