Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What are Cookies and their use

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit the AIKATERINI GOUSIOU – ZOI GOUSIOU O.E. website.

The use of cookies cannot harm your computer in any way. Anonymous information is simply stored so that all pages of the website work.

Refusal to use cookies may cause malfunction of the website AIKATERINI GOUSIOU – ZOI GOUSIOU O.E. in the members area.

Our website is GDPR compliant
We follow the Commission’s guidelines on EU Data Protection and the e-Privacy Directive.

Types of Cookies

Necessary cookies

They are the cookies that are necessary for the operation of AIKATERINI GOUSIOU – ZOI GOUSIOU O.O.. Without them the website does not work.
In this case your consent is not required.

According to the Regulation consent is not required if the cookie:

1.-It is used exclusively to carry out the transmission of a communication & 2.-It is absolutely necessary for the provider of an information society service that is expressly required by the user to provide this service.

Cookies that are clearly exempt from consent, according to the EU’s data protection advisory body,

  1. user input cookies (id-session) such as first-party cookies to track the user’s login when filling out electronic forms, shopping carts, etc., for the duration of a session or cookies limited to a few hours in some cases .
  2. identity cookies, to identify the user once logged in, for the duration of a session. user-based security cookies, which are used to detect identity breaches, for a limited duration.
  3. multimedia content playback cookies, which are used to store technical data for the playback of video or audio content, for the duration of a session.
  4. load balancing cookies, for the duration of the session.
  5. user-interface customization cookies, such as language or font preferences, for the duration of a session (or slightly longer).
  6. third-party content sharing social cookies for connected members of a social network.
Necessary CookiesPurpose
Ensures consistency of users while navigating the website.
COOKIECONSENTIt maintains your choice that you have been informed about the use of cookies.
It lasts for 24 hours.
Identity cookies, to identify the user once logged in to the member area, for the duration of a session.

Third party cookies

The use of the following cookies requires your consent.

Google reCAPTCHA

We use the Google reCAPTCHA service, in every contact form through which AIKATERINI GOUSIOU – ZOI GOUSIOU O.E. ensures the protection of its websites against the use of robots.

What data does reCAPTCHA collect?

First of all, the reCAPTCHA algorithm will check if there is a Google cookie on the computer being used (usually _ga).

A specific reCAPTCHA cookie will then be added to the user’s browser and take – pixel by pixel – a complete snapshot of the user’s browser window at that moment.

Some of the browsing and user information collected at that time includes:

  • All cookies introduced by Google in the last 6 months,
  • How many mouse clicks have you made on this screen,
  • The CSS information for that page,
  • The exact date,
  • The language in which the browser is set,
  • Any add-ons installed in the browser,
  • All Javascript objects
Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics service, through which AIKATERINI GOUSIOU – ZOI GOUSIOU O.O. gathers information about optimizing the website based on your preferences. The information collected is sent and stored on Google servers. You will find information regarding Google’s Privacy Policy

Cookies control

You can control and/or delete cookies or prevent the installation of cookies. In these cases some services may not work. You can also disable the use of cookies from your browser settings by following the instructions listed on the website of the browser you are using.

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