Aikaterini Gousiou – Zoe Gousiou O.E.

Welcome to our companyOur vision and goal is to provide complete and reliable insurance solutions to our customers and partners. We are satisfied with our achievements and the maximum effort we make to serve you. Ask us any questions you may have about private insurance. We are at your disposal. You will find us helpers in every insurance issue.

The insurance agency AIKATERINI GOUSIOU – ZOI GOUSIOU OE was founded in 1999 in Thessaloniki by the Gousiou family while since 2013 it maintains the distinctive title INSURANCE SHOP.

Its privately owned offices are located at 42 Riga Fereou Street and 174 L. Konstantinou Karamanli Street, in the Voulgari area of Eastern Thessaloniki. At the same time, it maintains two other branches, in Ampelokipi and Nea Redestos.


From the first moment, the company’s vision and goal was to provide complete and reliable insurance solutions to its customers and to cover all their insurance needs. Today, the vision has been enriched and includes the effort for human-centered service, technological competence and professional excellence.


After all these years of presence in the insurance market, the course of the company remains uninterrupted and upward, and always with consistency, reliability and professionalism. . Its cooperation with the largest and most reliable Insurance Companies in Greece provides it with prestige, solvency and a wide range of options, which always aim at the greatest possible customer satisfaction.


After all, the specialized executives of the company are constantly informed, trained and certified for their knowledge and skills, even if they fully meet the challenges of the market and the needs of the clientele.


Finally, the company maintains a large network of certified insurance agents in many cities of Northern Greece and the islands of the North Aegean, which proves the confidence of the market.

Our highly trained staff


The profession of insurance intermediary is dynamic profession, because you get in touch with many people, you understand and learn their needs and beyond offers them insurance products that have to do with maximum good that is about their protection and safety, their health, their business, their home, their car.

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